rebel blondes;
this is a blog dedicated to all the power blondes out in the world from the characters on your tv to the actresses that play them
Q: hmm.. as a request, I think rose tyler should be here, she's a really powerful and fantastic blonde

Alright! We’ll get started on that for you. :) 

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"There’s such an array of brilliant roles for young women. You read all these amazing young women going through different stages in their life - different stages, different fascinations, different textualities, different friendships."

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Dianna Agron for Nylon Magazine

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Listen, Nick. When she was born, Tom was…God knows where. With God knows who. And I asked the nurse if it was a boy or a girl. And she said it was a girl. And I whipped. I’m glad it’s a girl. And I hope she’ll be a fool. That’s the best thing a girl in this world can be. A beautiful little fool.  All the bright precious things fade so fast. And they don’t come back.

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Perrie + high ponytail

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